Teerenpeli – Sustainable Craft Distillery

Family owned Teerenpeli Distillery was established 2002 in Lahti, Finland. The distillery is specialized in producing premium quality Single Malt Whiskies. We use traditional pot still distilling equipment, purchased from Scotland. The bigger distillery was opened 2015 just outside city center and there is a brand new Visitor Center with Brewery Shop open for visits. Teerenpeli Distillery has been planning it´s actions in sustainable way for several years. We have reduced our carbon footprint with our own wood pellet power plant since 2015 and use the closest possible ingredients in our production. Most of the malted barley we use has grown within 150 km from the distillery since the beginning in 2002.
In the video you can learn about the production of Teerenpeli whiskeys.
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