Family owned Teerenpeli Distillery was established 2002 in Lahti, Finland. Today the distillery is the biggest distillery in Finland specialized in producing premium quality Single Malt Whiskies. We use traditional pot still distilling equipment, purchased from Scotland. The original Teerenpeli distillery is located inside Restaurant Taivaanranta in Lahti city center. The bigger distillery was opened 2015 just outside city center and there is a brand new Visitor Center with Brewery Shop open for visits.

Teerenpeli Distillery works with continuous co-operation with Teerenpeli Brewery. Teerenpeli Brewery has already more than 25 years of experience in brewing a wide range of beers and ciders. Popular Teerenpeli Brewery products are sold mostly in Teerenpeli restaurants and selected grocery stores in Finland.

Two distilleries

The original Teerenpeli Distillery is situated in the same building as Restaurant Taivaanranta in the city center of Lahti, Finland. A brand new distillery opened in 2015 at the Teerenpeli Brewery 10 minutes from the center of Lahti, increasing total capacity to over 100 000 litres of new spirit per year. The original distillery in the city center continues distilling also allowing some interesting product development.

Teerenpeli uses a traditional pot stills, handmade in Scotland, and the spirit is matured in oak casks.  We are mostly using ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks in our production. We also mature whisky in various batches of ex-port, ex-madeira and ex-rum casks. 

Special tours and whisky tastings are available for groups by appointment in the Visitor Center. You can also have a delicious lunch or dinner while visiting the original distillery in Taivaanranta Grill & Distillery. 

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The original Teerenpeli Distillery, city center Lahti

The original Teerenpeli Distillery was founded in 2002 in Lahti city center. It was built inside Restaurant Taivaanranta. The distillery showroom is open to all visitors during restaurant opening hours. Showroom offers visitors an interesting insight to whisky distilling processes, raw materials and close views of the copper pot stills and maturation cellars. Please book your own guided tasting tour with lunch or dinner with the button underneath.

Teerenpeli Distillery, Lotila Lahti

The larger – the main Teerenpeli Distillery is connected to the Teerenpeli Brewery at Lotila, which is only a 10 minute drive away from downtown of Lahti. The distillery was built in 2015. This largest copper pot distillery in Finland distills approximately 100 000 litres of pure Nordic spirit per year. Teerenpeli Visitor Center and Brewery Shop welcomes all Teerenpeli friends for a visit. Please contact us for English tours at sales@teerenpeli.com.

Teerenpeli Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Finland and currently a market leader in producing Finnish Single Malt Whiskies. Teerenpeli operates two original Scottish style pot still distilleries, both located in Lahti.

The WHISKY Makers

Our mission all the way from the start was to use only real and original raw materials without exceptions in order to create real and exciting whisky experiences to our customers. Our distillers are dedicated to put full effort on every step of whisky making to make the best possible premium Single Malt Whisky for our friends to enjoy.

Jaakko Joki

Head of Distilling

Jaakko ”Jaska” Joki is in charge of our whisky production, from choosing the malted barley to bottling the matured whisky. He has his hands and nose in development as well as in choosing the casks for bottling.

Fun fact

Jaakko plays the trumpet, and sometimes you can hear him practicing at distillery.

Henri Haapalainen


Henri ” Henkka” Haapalainen has also worked at the distillery for several years now. Like all the other guys, he works in all producing tasks involved in the making of premium Single Malt Whisky. 

Fun fact 

Henri builds miniature models so he´s patient and pedantic, skills also needed in the making of good whisky. 

Sami Lappalainen

Sami Lappainen



Sami Lappalainen is the newest addition to our distilling team. Previously he worked with Teerenpeli Brewery team, so the change with the work station was only calculated by meters.  

Fun fact 

Sami is known for his love for the beautiful and clean Finnish nature. He appreciates also the pure tastes of Teerenpeli single malts during his breaks by the bonfires while trekking in the nature.

Jussi Oinas

Senior Whisky Ambassador / Distiller

Jussi Oinas has already a decade of experience in distilling and producing whisky. Beside all the tasks in the distillery, he is also in charge of our tastings, tours in original distillery and other customer events. Jussi has hundreds of stories about whisky.

Fun fact 

Jussi grew in a farming family, so he appreciates a good barley.

Markus Honkanen

Chief Operations Manager

Markus Honkenen is in charge of  operations in Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery. Markus has a background in process engineering and forest industry.

Fun fact 

Markus knows how to play several band instruments, so he is a perfect guy to orchestrate the operations at Teerenpeli Brewery and Distillery for the future.

Anssi Pyysing

Entrepreneur, Founder of Teerenpeli Distillery

Anssi Pyysing had a dream of a Finnish Single Malt Distillery and he made that dream come true. With his ambition and courage to invest in new business, Teerenpeli Distillery has already become the market leader in Finnish Single Malt whiskies. Crazy, some might say. 

Fun fact 

Anssi opened the first original Teerenpeli restaurant in Lahti in 1994. It operates still at the same location.

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