Teerenpeli from Finland is the best whisky producer in the world 2020

The IWSC victory places Teerenpeli Single Malt whisky on the world map

Video of IWSC Nomination Gala 2020 – Category Worldwide Whisky producer

Lahti-based Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery has won the “Worldwide whisky producer” series in the world’s largest alcohol competition, the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The winner was  announced on the 18th of November 2020.


Hundreds of distilleries from around the world took part in the international competition for

alcoholic beverages in London. Four skilful producers were invited to be in the final round as a

nominee for the Best Worldwide Whisky Producer 2020. The nominees with Teerenpeli this year

were Kavalan Distillery from Taiwan, Sazerac Company from Canada and The Lark Distillery from

Australia. Scotch whisky producers had their own category in the invitational competition.


“It was a great honor for us to receive our first candidacy to Finland in this competition. But the

fact that we won the series is of course a tremendous recognition of almost 20 years of work”,

says Mr Samuli Korhonen, General Manager of Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery.


Mr Anssi Pyysing, an Entrepreneur and CEO of Teerenpeli considers the victory as a big surprise

but he also sees many good reasons for it. “The location of Teerenpeli Distillery is perfect for

whisky making. The groundwater filtered by the Salpausselkä ridges is the best in the world. Barley

is grown in local fields and after harvesting it is malted in the town of Lahti just next to Teerenpeli

Distillery. On top of that adding all the experience, skill and passion of the excellent staff at

Teerenpeli, you end up being the best in the world.”


The IWSC awarded Teerenpeli Distillery whiskies with top mentions in the summer. The Whisky

Producer of the Year award completed Teerenpeli´s rise as a world-class whisky maker, Korhonen

describes. “Now we are playing at a truly international level, which of course fits very well in our

ongoing internationalization goals.”


Teerenpeli signed this year new export agreements with companies in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Whisky exporting to Germany and Sweden is also increasing, and an agreement with a Swedish

importing company is going to take Teerenpeli Kaski whisky to Systembolaget stores as the first

Finnish whisky.

Teerenpeli Group is a family business owned by Anssi and Marianne

Pyysing. Company runs whisky distillery and brewery in Lahti, Finland and ten restaurants all over Finland.

Teerenpeli Group is established year 1994 and it employs more than 100 people.

Additional information:

Samuli Korhonen, General Manager

Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery

+358 40 861 1081



Anssi Pyysing, CEO, entrepreneur

Teerenpeli Group

+358 500 830 458



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