Teerenpeli Aged 10 Years got a new outfit

Aged 10 Years

It was five years ago when Teerenpeli Aged 10 Years Single Malt was first released. It happened (in purpose of course :)) in London  Whisky fair 2015. Since then Aged 10 Years has been continuously on market and it is the oldest Finnish Single Malt. Teerenpeli Aged 10 years Single Malt is a unique mix of ex-bourbon casks and ex-sherry casks matured in Nordic climate for at least 10 years. Phew!

To celebrate the 5 years on the market, we designed a new label and a new cardboard jacket to our friend. The new label with black and gold represents the position of Aged 10 Years among our whiskies. It is the Royal flagship of them all. The Royal Highness.

Idea of 10 years old started already in 2013, but our warehouse was not ready for it yet. In 2015 we had enough good quality minimum 10 years old casks to make the first batch. – Jaakko Joki, Head Distiller

Also to celebrate the 5 years old ten years old (hih) Teerenpeli restaurants are having a birthday weekend october 9.-10. 2020 with special tastings and extra special pricing of Aged 10 Years.


Where ever you are. What ever you do. Have a dram. Aged 10 Years.


On the video you´ll find Teerenpeli´s entrepreneur and founder Anssi Pyysing and Teerenpeli Distillery´s Head Distiller Jaakko Joki shortly walk us through the Aged 10 years. The story of the jewel.


Detailed information of Teerenpeli Aged 10 Years Single Malt you will find here.

Written: Samuli Korhonen, general manager

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