Using own wood pellet plant as an energy source

Wood pellet plant

We use our own wood pellet plant for production energy source in Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery. The energy process uses wood pellets that are residue from the forest industry. By using wood pellet plant as an energy source, the energy is 100% renewable, and the climate impact is just a hint compared to other energy sources.

Teerenpeli has used own wood pellet power plant for our brewery and distillery production since 2015. By choosing the wood pellet as an energy source, we wanted to choose the power that uses renewable energy and has a smallest possible climate impact.

Results in minimizing the climate impact

Our wood pellet plant was built in 2015 and it has sourced the production energy for our Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery ever since. Today we have used renewable energy with small climate impact for soon to be 8 years. During that period the impact for climate has been extremely small compared to other energy sources.

At year 2019 Teerenpeli´s wood pellet energy plant produced 730 MWh renewable energy for the production to use. The production also used 220 MWh renewable wind and water electricity.

The yearly climate impact for the wood pellet plant is only 17 484 kg CO2e / year. This is only 11,4% compared if the energy source would be natural gas and only 8,9% if we would use oil as an energy source. The impact for climates is already 950 000 kg CO2e smaller compared to natural gas energy and 1 250 000 kg CO2e smaller compared to oil energy.

Wood pellets producing heating power

Brewery and distillery production requires a lot of hot water. Warming up the hot water kettle takes a lot of energy. The efficient way to do this is not by using electricity. Teerenpeli wanted to build up a power plant of our own. We chose the wood pellet plant due it is using the renewable energy. The wood pellet plant as a energy producer is carbon neutral in use. The making of the wood pellets creates only small impact for climate. The wood itself is a residue of a forest industry. The small amount of electricity used in our production is also renewable wind and water electricity. The electricity’s impact for the climate is zero.

Help us to spread the word

Using our own wood pellet plant as a production energy source is listed as an act in Planet Company’s website. Planet company lists act that has sustain effort in different categories. All the act are approved by a sustainability specialist. You can vote our act and you spread it out in social media. From the Planet Company’s Service you can also invite other companies to share their acts of good. Please, read more from The Planet Company.


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