KASKI won double gold medal in NY

Finnish single malt whisky KASKI won double gold medal in NY World wine & Spirit Competition.
The 8th annual New York World Wine & Spirits Competition (NYWSC) has concluded, and the results are in. Teerenpeli KASKI Single Malt Whisky has won a double gold medal in the competition.
KASKI Whisky is distilled in TEERENPELI Distillery in Finland, a country where a third of the landmass is situated above the Arctic Circle Line and a limitless supply of clean water is filtered through an ice age moraine.
KASKI Whisky is maturated in ex-sherry casks made out of European oak. The colour is a roasted brown and the taste is uniquely sweet and spicy at the same time. The barley used for distilling has ripened under the midnight sun from a fertile soil that rests most of the year due to the local cold climate.
The very first bottles of KASKI were hand picked from selected casks in the Teerenpeli warehouse. The reason was to introduce a distiller’s choice first edition for the distillery’s 10th anniversary. KASKI was soon to be the best selling brand of the Teerenpeli Distillery selection.
Teerenpeli Distillery brands including KASKI can already been found in more than ten countries internationally, and as far away as Australia and Hong Kong.
“Getting this recognition gives us an excellent opportunity to find more whisky lovers to enjoy our style of single malt and I’m also very proud of our PyyGin gin getting bronze medal in the same competition ” says Mr Anssi Pyysing the founder and CEO of Teerenpeli Distillery
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