Triple victory at Uisge 2024

UISGE has chosen the top three Nordic whiskies from Teerenpeli’s whiskeys for the second time in its history. The winner of the Nordic whiskies series was Teerenpeli’s award-winning Single Malt Whisky Kulo, second place went to Länki, published last year, and third place went to Weden Emo, the second part of Teerenpeli’s new whisky trilogy.

”Great results, this is a good start to the year,” says Anssi Pyysing, founder and CEO of Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery.

In Finland’s oldest whiskey festival UISGE, the best whiskies of the year are chosen by blind tasting. There are several categories and ten products competed in the Nordic whiskey category this year. All in all, hundreds of whiskeys from around the world participated in the competition, which were judged by dozens of industry experts and enthusiasts.

Teerenpeli’s staff has been happily following the success of Kulo and other Teerenpeli Single Malt Whiskies around the world. Länki and Weden Emo, released last year, were in the whisky competition for the first time and immediately brought home the prizes.

”I feel particularly good about Kulo’s second place in the ”UISGE 2024 Overall” category, because no Nordic whisky has previously reached the top three of the best whiskies of the entire festival at UISGE,” says Teerenpeli Head distiller Jaakko Joki.

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