The Whiskys

Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky is produced in Teerenpeli distillery using domestic raw materials, Finnish malt from local malting factory, fresh and hard Salpausselkä ground water, traditional methods and pot still equipment.

Limited bottling of Teerenpeli Single Malt whisky has been released at the age of 5 and 6 years and they have all sold out. In the beginning of 2011 Teerenpeli Single Malt 8yo was released for the retail market. In 2013 Teerenpeli Distiller´s Choice KASKI won the best Scandinavian Whisky prize at Helsinki Uisge fair. 10th Oct 2015 Teerenpeli 10yo whisky saw the daylight and it´s the first ever 10yo single malt whisky from Finland and it replaced 8yo whisky. The 10yo, PORTTI, KARHI, SAVU and KASKI are on the market right now.

Teerenpeli Single Malt has been presented in Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm and London Whisky Festivals and the audience has been delightfully surprised of the unique and pleasant taste of this Finnish single malt whisky. Teerenpeli Whisky has got character of its own from the best lightly peated Finnish malt and fresh ground water.

You can find the distillery products from ms Finlandia, Tallink-Silja and Viking Line ferries, Systembolaket in Sweden, and, and in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway and several more places. If you want our unique products at sale, please contact Jari. 

Teerenpeli's historic products

Since the first Teerenpeli whisky was made, some 20 years ago, there has been a strong run with the signature single malts and the whiskys are usually sold out within a relatively small timeframe. Below you can find past whiskys that have been tantamount in building Teerenpeli's name and reputation as the best whisky makers in Finland.

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Single Malt

    Teerenpeli Single Malt

    4 yo

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Single Malt

    Teerenpeli Single Malt

    5 yo

    Maturated in Bourbon and Sherry casks.

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Single malt

    Teerenpeli Single malt

    6 yo

    Whisky has been maturated in Bourbon and Sherry casks.

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Single malt

    Teerenpeli Single malt


    Maturated in bourbon and sherry casks. On market from 2011 to 2015



    Single malt

    Teerenpeli single malt Distiller's Choice HOSA, Black cask edition.



    Single malt

    Second whisky in Finland series after KASKI.

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Distiller's Choice Tallink Silja Edition

    Teerenpeli Distiller's Choice Tallink Silja Edition

    port wood finish

    Matured in bourbon cask, finished in ex-Portwood casks.

  • SOLD OUTTeerenpeli Distiller´s Choice AURA

    Teerenpeli Distiller´s Choice AURA

    Porter wood

    Porter beer cask matured whisky

  • SOLD OUTRasi


    Moscatel finish

    Maturated 6-8 years in bourbon casks and finished 1 year in Moscatel casks.

  • SOLD OUTSuomi 100 Juhlaviski

    Suomi 100 Juhlaviski

    Limited edition

    "First smoky Teerenpeli whisky made from the peated Finnish malts. "