The distillery

Family owned Teerenpeli Distillery was established 2002. It is situated in the same building with Restaurant Taivaanranta in the city centre of Lahti, Finland. A brand new distillery opened 2015 beside of the brewery increasing total capacity over 100 000 litres new spirit per year. Old distillery in city center continues normally allowing some interesting product development.

Teerenpeli uses a traditional pot-stills, handmade in Scotland, and the spirit is matured in oak casks for at least three years, as required by law. At the moment we are using ex-sherry, bourbon, portwine, rhum casks, in all different sizes. Casks come directly from Scotland and Spain.

Special tours are available for groups by appointment. It is also possible to eat, buffet-style, in the Distillery's Visitor Centre.  


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