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Teerenpeli single-malt whiskys are made with pure Finnish barley malt and fresh groundwater from the Salpausselkä ridge. 64-litre ex-sherry casks come to our warehouse directly from Spanish sherry producers. Each cask is filled with new spirit with a strength of at least 63.5% ABV. These casks of single malt whisky are available with an initial investment of around €1,500.

Choosing the cask

Choosing the cask
You can choose from casks that have been filled with Oloroso or Pedro Ximénez sherry. We also have 140-litre bourbon casks, and more unusual casks, such as ex-port wine or ex-Madeira cask, may also be available occasionally. Please contact our distillery for details on what casks are currently available.

Cask filling

Your cask will be prepared at our distillery, where you will be able to fill it with new spirit yourself. You may even name your cask, if you wish. After your cask has been filled, you will receive a certificate of ownership, a contract, and photos from the filling.


Your cask will be stored in Teerenpeli’s bonded warehouse, where it will mature for 3–10 years. For small casks, we recommend a maturing period of 4–6 years.

Quality control

You can request tasting samples of cask-strength whisky, to monitor the maturation process. You will also be invited to our annual tastings, where you will meet other cask owners. In addition, you can book private tastings at our distillery.


When you decide that your whisky has matured long enough, it will be bottled. The whisky will be bottled at 43% or 58.5% ABV. If you wish, you may design your own bottle labels. You will buy the bottles through Alko in Finland as a private customer. Buying your whisky from other countries is also negotiable. You will need to pay the bottling costs and taxes at the rate applicable at the time. You can keep the empty cask as a memento.

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