Teerenpeli @Uisge (HKI) and @Cinderella (SWE)

Some new whiskies at these shows; see more...

Teerenpeli takes part at Uisge whiskyfestival in Helsinki 10.-11.2. At the stand you can taste all whiskies that are available at the moment. Tallink-Silja Megastar whisky sees first time day (evening)light. Also possibility to taste our peated new make from UK malt. Come out and play!

Cinderella whiskyfair is sailing at 16.- 18.2. and Teerenpeli Distillery is on the boat once again. At Cinderella Teerenpeli is selling special whisky: Suomi100 Juhlaviski, and this is the only change to taste and buy this outstanding delightfully peated whisky outside of Finland. Of course all the other whiskies are packed on board as well.

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W C U on these fairs in Feb.